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1. At the arrival you will have to check-in at the desk. Customers can choose the area where to stay, under the admnistration’s permission. You will have to follow and respect the boundaries, and only one parking lot is allowed; Addictional cars will be charged.

2.   Your collaboration is essential in order to keep bathrooms cleaned and operating. Lavatories, toilets etc. will be used under instructons, and after the usage make sure you leave them cleaned.

3.    It’s strictly forbidden to damage trees, plants and camping facilities, to dig holes around tents, to splash boiled, used, salted liquids, and  any kind of garbage on the ground.It’s also forbidden to ignite fires.

4.   Your site can be changed only under Administration’s permission. Your site will have to be kept cleaned and in order.

5.    The use of  Barbecue is allowed only if the weather conditions allow to. Barbecue will be used only without harming anyone around and the additional equipment usage is under your personal responsibility.

6.    Any fault in the equipment and/or poor service should be promptly reported to Management that ensures as far as possible, early intervention.

7.    Inside Camping is available, not for  free, a washing machine and it’s therefore prohibited the installation or the use of private washing machines.

8.    Each site is provided with only one electrical plug. 


1.    Weekly stays (Sat-Sat)/(Sun-Sun) only during August. 

2.    Bungalows are available from 5pm of  your check-in day and the check-out will be at 10am. 

3.    Payment:  30% after the booking and the rest 70% at check-in. 

4.    Any damage or breakages will be charged. 

5.    All guests are required to follow the Rules of Camping. 

6.    If the guest had to cancel the booking, will not be entitled to any refund if they surrender in the 29 days preceding the beginning of your holiday or in case ofno-show”. 

7.    Dogs and cats are allowed.


Camp guests have free entrance to swimming pool. Excluding beds, umbrellas and caps.

This policy may be changed and modified at the discretion of the Administration at any time, any changes will be posted on the website from which you can download the digital copy and a paper copy is freely available for inspection at the offices of the structure during the office hours.


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